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Who Are We?
Royale Baby have been founded and established since 1995 in Malaysia.
Since then, the company have been growing everyday.
We strive to be one of the top and best Baby Shoes Product out there.
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Customer Reviews

kasut cantik..size sama mcm diiklankan..muat ngn anak sy 1thn 6bln

25 July 2021

Kasut sampai cepat!! Elok.. Kemas jahitan.. Ank pon suka.. Packaging bagus utk kasut..yes

4 July 2021

Second purchase with this seller..cute shoes for baby girl. Quality good. Reasonable price. So its worth it. Will repeat order again. Thank you seller for great service

3 July 2021

Comeyy sgt..tq despatch dhl..malam2 hantar barang...terbaikkk...yes

5 June 2021

good product, quality, good value for money, fast delivery, excellent service!!

5 June 2021

Harga murah je tp Cantik, kemas design dia..mmg suka brand royale baby dr dulu...tapak tebal & soft....tq nnt kita beli lg k..up lg design byk2..hehe

5 June 2021

Kasut sampai dlm keadaan yg baik!!! Anak suka sgt!!!! heart Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih.

5 June 2021